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Founded in 2011 by Julian Doherty, Yellow Folder identified the need in the market for clients to proactively manage their HR needs, while matching workforce planning requirements with controlled, cost-effective strategies.

Regarded as an expert in the HR research field, Julian Doherty leads the Yellow Folder team and oversees strategies and client delivery.

Julian has more than nine years experience sourcing human capital information and business intelligence for clients ranging from ASX Top 20 corporations to SMEs.


Yellowfolder’s Research Approach

The team at Yellow Folder has specialised skills in critical analysis and problem solving. Detailed briefs and discussions with clients are vital to the success of research projects.

Research from Yellow Folder is distinguished by expertise in sourcing intelligence, commentary, referrals and recommendations from relevant and expert individuals. This process of ‘referral networking with sources’ is a technique from executive search recruitment which Yellowfolder have broadened and systematised.


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Talent Investigations

Talent Mapping is the proactive identification of all relevant candidates, not limited to advertised response and existing databases. Talent Mapping allows organisations to proactively manage their human resources so as to minimise down time when a critical role becomes available and maximises the speed of filling it with a suitably skilled candidate. At Yellow Folder they employ a systematic and rigorous approach to talent mapping, providing clients with much more than a list of names on a spreadsheet and going beyond un-verified networking tools such as LinkedIn.

Yellow Folder research is compiled from sector sources, direct sourcing, deep web analysis, social media and existing databases.


Yellowfolder use qualitative insights from trusted industry sources to further verify the data, so clients can be assured of the quality and validity of the information they receive.


Succession Planning

Candidate Pipelines involve structured campaigns to engage and manage relationships with potential candidates on behalf of clients for immediate hires as well as longer term positioning. Candidate pipelines can be built on a local and global basis. Yellow Folder delivers an innovative approach to accessing and benchmarking external talent pools, outside the traditional model of recruitment consulting.

So you’ve identified a list of candidates and their experience and current roles. Now what?

In order to manage these candidates you need to make approaches to them to determine their interest (current or future) in working with your organisation.

Yellow Folder has particular expertise in maintaining talent pipelines over the medium and long term and clients can track and access this external talent pool at any time via our online portal.


Competitor Profiling

Competitor Profiling is sourcing human resource information to provide valuable insights into:

  • Competitors’ Business Plans,
  • Workforce Strategies and Capabilities
  • Remuneration Benchmarking.

Yellow Folder capture, analyse and report on competitor information for human resource planning.

Remuneration Benchmarking is one of their key capabilities. They undertake benchmarking research that is sector-specific from identified peer groups, with data sourced from public sources and networking with key industry individuals. Clients prefer this (specific) approach to aggregated data from global data providers as the data is more relevant.