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We would like competitors to submit their drawings, list of features, operational and unitary costs. Including a write-up on why you think your design meets the current and future needs of city streets.

Dream big and aim high!

Deliverables must include:

  • Drawings; plans, sections & details: blueprints of the inside and outside of the design, detailing location and dimensions of all components and their materials.
  • Video: a 4-minute long video presenting a simplified version of design drawings or a model, and a description of the prototype. Please provide a YouTube link of the video.
  • Renderings; visual representations: Please include a 360-degree and up-high view of the designs detailing dimensions.
  • Features List: Details on what technologic components designs contain, an explanation on their function, and most common use.
  • Detailed execution & operational budgets: Operational budgets should be both in yearly and monthly figures. The cost analysis should also compare the project’s costs versus a benchmark if possible.
  • 1500-character description of the project: This is where applicants will inform us on why their design is the ‘best-in-brand’. Background information on the future needs of cities, why entrants think these are important and how does their design fulfill future demand should be included.

Only one (1) entry is permitted per individual or team.

Designs will be screened for all required deliverables. Failure to submit all requirements will result in entries being incomplete and will not be taken into consideration by the judging panel. Entrants may only submit one single design and one single version. Please ensure that submissions satisfy all mentioned requirements and will not be changed passed the submission deadline.

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