Google believes technology can make a better world, faster. The Google Impact Challenge supports non-profit innovators using technology to tackle the world’s biggest social challenges.

Applications are now open for the 2016 Challenge. Australian non-profits are invited to apply and share your bold ideas for a better world.

Google will award $4.5 million across 10 organisations to help bring their ideas to life. Four winning organisations will receive a $750,000 grant, and six additional finalists will receive $250,000.

July 13 Deadline for non-profits to submit applications

DFAT Technology Against Poverty Prize

The DFAT Technology Against Poverty Prize is a $500,000 grant provided by InnovationXchange as part of the 2016 Google Impact Challenge. The prize encourages non-profits registered in Australia to explore new ways of delivering social impact internationally, using technology.

InnovationXchange was established to catalyse and support innovation across the Australian aid program. It is particularly focused on how technology can make lives better in the Asia Pacific region, with new international development solutions that are cheaper, faster and more effective.

Applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

Impact: How will the proposed project improve lives? How many people will be affected if successful and to what extent? Is the proposal rooted in research that identifies the size of the problem and how the proposed idea will help solve it?

Technology and Innovation: What is the core insight or innovation that differentiates this project from others, in philosophy or execution? What makes the proposed project unique? How does the proposal leverage technology in a new and creative way to tackle the issue it seeks to address?

Scalability: If successful, how easily can this project scale? Can this proposal serve as a model for other efforts?

Feasibility: Does the team have a well-developed, realistic plan to execute on the proposal? Have they identified the right partners for implementation?
Note that the DFAT Technology Against Poverty Prize is subject to additional criteria. Please see the DFAT Prize tab.

Meet The Judges

On 26 October, the 10 finalists will present their projects to a panel of judges. Their selection, combined with the public vote, will decide the four winning charities.

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See the website for more info and apply today!