Over the next five to 20 years, a data revolution will impact almost every industry and government function. To make the most of this emerging data-driven economy, the Turnbull government will be investing $75 million in the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Organisation’s (CSIRO’s) new research unit Data61, Australia’s largest data innovation group.

Data61 is the result of a merger between National ICT Australia (NICTA) and CSIRO’s digital research unit, creating one of the largest digital research teams in the world and, outside of the Department of Defence, Australia’s leading capability in cyber security research.

What is it?

Data61 will:

  • use data analytics to connect disparate government datasets and publicly release them on open data platforms
  • improve industry cyber security and develop new cyber security architectures
  • build a Data Research Network that will link businesses with data researchers
  • deliver data analytics training to businesses.

The Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet will also deliver a public sector data skills programme.

When is it happening?

Funding will commence on 1 July 2016.

What to do

Dependable systems software

In today’s high-tech global society, the security of organisational and personal information and communications technology (ICT) systems is critical and systems are only as secure as their weakest component.

A common problem in securing ICT systems is that the critical functions of the device (those that could break its security or safety) are often mixed with or open to the non-critical functions of the system. This risks the non-critical functions of the system compromising the critical functions.

Data 61 has addressed this. The solution isolates a component of the microprocessor so that the security and safety of the software can be maintained, even if there is a failure in other parts of the microprocessor— effectively separating trusted and untrusted functions and enabling the microprocessor to operate under all conditions.

Previous versions of the software have been deployed on millions of mobile devices, with the solution available to any user as open source.



Information courtesy http://www.innovation.gov.au/