The government holds a huge amount of unique data and it’s time it was put to good use. Publishing, linking and sharing public data can help make government more citizen-focused, create new and innovative products and services, and increase efficiency.

The Government wants to work with businesses, researchers, academia and the public to identify datasets that will have the highest impact when opened up for wider access. The Government will continue to uphold the highest standards of security and privacy when it comes to personal, security and commercial data.

What is changing?

The Government is releasing more non-sensitive public data for private sector innovation, and it’ll use the data to improve service delivery and to inform policy. The Government will do this by:

  • Making appropriately anonymised and non-sensitive public data openly available by default so the private sector can use it to create new products and business models
  • Providing free access to public data, with fees only applying for specialised data services
  • Ensuring there’s a central place for all government data at
  • Overcoming existing barriers to sharing data holdings across government to improve service delivery and policy analysis and evaluation
  • Making a nationally significant geocoded address database available.

When is it happening?

The Public Data Policy Statement has been released. Australian Government entities are now required to make non-sensitive data open by default.

What to do

Community Insight Australia uses public data to better target social services

Community Insight Australia has developed a tool to enable social enterprises to access openly available public data on a location of their choice. Organisations use the system to target and prioritise community investment and to inform community consultations and planning decisions.

Reliable community information helps organisations to better deliver and design services. For example, the tool allows a user to analyse social indicators specific to a location, such as crime, health, economy, education and skills. This helps users identify areas of greatest need.

The value of this mapping, analysis and reporting tool increases as the volume, quality and currency of available public data increases. The Community Insight Australia tool currently links to over 50 publicly available datasets.

The Australian Government is working with Community Insight Australia to identify useful and relevant datasets for inclusion in the project.



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