The traditional digital agency model for eCommerce is broken; we’re fixing it.  Accountable eCommerce aligns business goals in a true partnership.

APD are aligned in its goals to grow the value of your business. For selected eCommerce businesses that need a partner to continue to grow, APD enters a shared risk and reward agreement.

APD Ventures provides partners with access to world-class capabilities, without the usual significant cash outlay.  APD’s outsourced Commerce model provides, throughout the partnership, financial analysis, marketing strategy, technology, demand generation, customer retention and analytics.

Under this model, APD take a risk by investing in your business. APD don’t charge cash upfront for providing eCommerce infrastructure and related services, instead they seek to be remunerated through a mix of retainer, revenue share and equity.

APD shares in the risks and the rewards as your partner. This creates alignment and accountability – a true partnership.

The APD Ventures model offers amazing opportunities for selected already-established businesses that need a partner to take their growth further.  It’s not for everyone and there’s strict criteria to meet but if you are interested, we’d live to talk to you.